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At Geko, we feel that even motocross riders deserve a little luxury while doing what they love! That’s why we’ve created the Geko Boot Gaiters! These little beauties prevent things like mud, sand and water from getting in your boots! We know, we’re spoiling you!

Geko Gaiters are neoprene sleeves that cover the tops of your motocross boots and act as a barrier against the natural elements. The durable material is waterproof and won’t easily damage while riding.

To position the gaiters, simply pull them up your leg until they cover the knee. Then once you have put your boots on, roll the gaiters down so that they cover the tops of the boots. At the end of the race, the gaiters are just as easily removed and they dry much quicker than the inside of your boots. Once in place, the gaiters also provide protection to the buckles on your boot, or keep those that are already damaged in place.

Available in 2 different lengths:

Short: £9.99
Long: £12.99
Postage: £2.50 UK (Outside of the UK? - Please call us!)


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