Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions to help give you the information you need. If your question does not appear here, please get in touch and we will do our best to answer it!

Where can I buy Geko Grips from?

Either at race meetings that are attended by Geko Grips or by contacting us with your order (see Contact page for more information).

What colours are available?

The grips are available in Red, Blue, Orange and black.

How do I know Geko Grips work and are worth buying?

They have been tested by many people, including David Knight, and not one has been dissapointed.

How much do they cost?

For all colours they are £7.99

How long do Geko Grips last?

This will vary on riding style and type of racing. As long as you don't rip them then they can be ridden on for hours. There have been people who have done an 8 hour race with them, washed them out and used them again.

How do Geko Grips work and how will they help me?

Geko Grips are a unique patented design that simply slide over your existing grips.They won't affect your grip on the handlebars, but now when mud comes flying at you from all directions, Geko Grips stop your hands from slipping off.